• $160.00

WILD Furs Pillows are made of Top Quality fur and are a stylish addition to any home or hunting camp.  These pillows feature a full fur front with a luxurious suede leather backing.  We offer our Pillows in Round (14") and Square versions with options in sizing of 16" & 18" varieties.  Any of our WILD Furs pillows would be a warm and elegant addition and a great accessory for your home or that special cabin in the woods.

Every WILD Furs item is made from 100% REAL Fur with no FAUX materials.  You can be sure that your getting only the HIGHEST Quality, TOP-GRADE Fur product when purchasing a WILD Furs item.  Each purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity showing that you are receiving a unique 'One of a Kind' WILD Furs item that is hand-sewn specifically for you and shipped in it's own Unique Gift Box.

All of our WILD Fur items are a PERFECT gift for the holidays, birthdays or for any special occasion.  All of the products are a stylish, Soft-Luxe item that is not only fashionable but a warm accessory for your next outdoors adventure.