• $350.00

WILD Furs Teddy Bears make ideal gifts. Our Teddy Bears are created with great care and attention to detail making them items you will be proud to own and gifts you will be proud to give to another. 

The Size Large Teddy Bears are approximately 14" high in the sitting position. They are made entirely of fur for the body, legs and head and different contrasting fur for the paws, nose and inside of the ears. 

Every WILD Furs item is made from 100% REAL Fur with no FAUX materials.  You can be sure that your getting only the HIGHEST Quality, TOP-GRADE Fur product when purchasing a WILD Furs item.  Each purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity showing that you are receiving a unique 'One of a Kind' WILD Furs item that is hand-sewn specifically for you and shipped in it's own Unique Gift Box.

All of our WILD Fur items are a PERFECT gift for the holidays, birthdays or for any special occasion.  All of the products are a stylish, Soft-Luxe item that is not only fashionable but a warm accessory for your next outdoors adventure.